cassa brickell art lives here

cassa brickell art lives here

What happens when you live surrounded by art?

At cassa brickell, art has been a statement since its inception. We invited three artists to cover a mesh fence wrap around the property with their inspiration, bringing ART into Brickell. Featuring art on every floor, we’ve created an environment where residents are constantly inspired by the pieces, generating different emotions and giving every day a sense of pride and purpose. Like the building itself, its art is unique and powerful. Art lives here!

cassa brickell Collection

German born Rafael Neff’s photographs are impressive in the best sense. The way he captures images has the power to draw you in, specifically through his keen artistic expression and manipulation from behind the camera lens. Through contrasting focused and unfocused, proximity and distance, surfaces and depths of field, his photographs seem like bleached out memories and celebrations from childhood filled with familiar beach sounds and summer guests. The personal has long since been removed, leaving only the furnishings, old-fashioned, wonderful and timeless.

Massimo Vitali was born in Como, Italy in 1944. He is known for his series of Italian beach panoramas that began in the light of drastic political changes in Italy. His work has been presented in the world’s major museums, including the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, New York’s Guggenheim Museum and in Paris, the Fond National Art Contemporaine, the Centre Pompidou and the Musée National d’Art Moderne.

Christophe Jacrot has worked as a freelance photographer since 2006. He discovered a soft spot for rain and snow while working on a book in Paris. His assignment was to take sunny pictures, but the weather did not cooperate. The wet streets and reflecting lights excited Jacrot, as they still do. He finds his subjects in big cities like Hong Kong, one of his favorite locations due to its long rainy season.

Born in Madrid in 1960, Ballester is a master at juggling concrete, iron, light and space. Discreetly dipped in tinted light, his scenes are transformed into graphic constructions, abolishing the border between the photographed and painted. Whether theater, factory or apartment building, Ballester’s nascent architectural structures are reflections of absence and the progress of time. Structure, color and lighting arrive thereby in symbiosis with the notion of newly defining aesthetic emptiness. The self-conscious melting from classical to modern abstract and exceedingly current trends in architecture and photography is no more than a contradiction, like the creation of the Romantic through cool precision.

After earning his master’s in architecture and interior design, David Burdeny spent the early years of his career practicing before establishing himself as a photographer. Burdeny translates his intimate appreciation for the structure, details and metaphorical value of space into sublime observations of how the contemporary world is still filled with mystery and potential.

Burdeny has featured his photographic series in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the US and throughout Europe. His work has also been widely published, most recently in Casa Vogue, The Guardian, The Corriere Dela Sera and the Moscow Times. He has also received multiple International Photography Awards.

Manuel Sánchez Lalinde was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1974. His work focuses primarily on photography and its quality as a truthful representation of the world. Through digital manipulation, Manuel captures and creates images that appear to be normal at first glance, but when carefully observed have a surreal nature. His magic lies in his works ability to leave one questioning the ability to accurate perceive and understand the world around us. He has displayed his work in Colombia, Morocco, Spain and the United States.

Christopher Woodcock was born in San Francisco in 1975 and received his bachelor of fine arts in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002. His subjects vary from scenic landscapes and professional models to impeccably framed urban environments featuring repeated architectural patterns. Much of his work centers on the complex geometrical patterns of city structures, building frames, and the construction of an image. Woodcock is fascinated by the concept of modernism as it pertains to the construction of buildings and urban architecture.

Since his childhood, with the influence and artistic spirit of his family, he explored and perfected through painting, the uses of materials and expression of feelings in artwork. His studies in architecture gave him the understanding of space, proportions, spatial phenomena such as union, transparency, juxtaposition and color that gradually began to emerge in the two-dimensional expression on a canvas. The experience of living in Berlin led him to discover the German Expressionist movement, also traveling to Madrid to learn the techniques of materic art. His art expresses the most intimate aspects of his life, what he has lived and felt, his triumphs and frustrations, his happiness and sadness.

“Rosignano Night“
Massimo Vitali

Rafael Neff

“Havana Restoration“
David Burdeny

“Sutter Street & Sansome Street, San Francisco“
Christopher Woodcock

“Acantilados 1“
Rodrigo Alban Hubach

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