The new TSG

The New TSG

The Solution Group (TSG) was founded in 2008, a year when the real estate industry in South Florida suffered its biggest hit in history, making property prices fall more than 50% in just a few weeks. It was in the midst of this chaos when TSG defined its vision: innovation.

It was clear to us at TSG, even then, that Miami and its surroundings would keep growing and become the global player that it is today, even if it was at its lowest point in many years, at the time. For us, the way to define success was and is to find opportunities and create unique products with an open mindset and “innovative thinking”. This vision and a philosophy of collaboration are what gave the company a big push then and are what keep us pushing our own and the world’s boundaries today.

After selling more than 4,000 properties and successfully developing three projects in three completely different areas: $300K townhouses, $500-800K condos and an office building – or, in other words, after having accomplished 4 key elements of real estate: selling, re-building, managing and developing – the company embarked on a new phase that is more corporate, passionate and young in spirit. Part of this evolution that we are pursuing is the revamping and makeover of our logo and website.

Here’s our new manifesto:

Our DNA makes us unique. It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.

We challenge the status quo to find better options, we push our limits to get better numbers, we partner by heart, we work with passion to make a difference at every level, and more than anything, we work to see beyond tomorrow and find better ways of living and better investment opportunities.

Innovation, creativity and design come first and determine the direction of our projects, from architectural inspiration to sales. Each building is a creation that lasts; our responsibility is to make it relevant for decades.

We are as multicultural as today’s world. We believe ideas come from anywhere to keep us fresh now and tomorrow. We see, we touch, we hear, we travel and we record everything we can to understand cultural evolution, market changes and learn about the latest technologies. Everything we do has to power the engine of social responsibility. If we can’t give back, we aren’t just doing anything.

Our young spirit sparks our work every day. We think innovatively about real estate.

Our projects:
cassa – ModernLiving4all
cassa brickell
Hollywood Station
Palm Aire Gardens
Miami Gardens Commons
River House

Our Pojects:

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