The ACE4milk Story

We live in a world full of chaos, but also equally full of opportunities. At TSG, we have sought success by finding beauty within those negative spaces. We created the concept “ModernLiving4all” because we truly believe you don’t have to be wealthy to experience a high quality way of life. To share such vision, we established our first foundation ACE4milk, where every child helped is given the start to excel. The key to success is to share success. The best way to share success is to share knowledge.

We combined our passion for tennis and health to motivate the developing minds of children. Our first contribution came from the number of ACES that joined our force during a professional tennis tour. Then, we thought: What if everyone became an ACE? Imagine all the lives we can influence… And here we are, making ACES and helping kids in Latin America with great partners like Give to Colombia, and great teams who help write this story.

/ Ace4Milk Mural – cassa brickell
cassa brickell donated a glass of milk for every selfie taken on the mural and posted on Instagram with the hashtag #iamace4milk.