Ofizzina offers a new corporate experience, it is a unique place to create, manage and get inspired. Located in Coral Gables, a business hub of Miami, Offizina is redefining the meaning of nine to five.
The day starts better when you reach Ofizzina.

Life is made up of many things and one purpose: living.
We are passionate about what we do.
Our time producing, creating and developing is rewarded here,
this is a special way of working.

In a city that keeps growing and transforming itself,
an important global hub for business becomes more relevant.

The corporate world evolves with technology
gets inspired with NY designs
a 360º un-obstructed view
electric vehicle charging stations
the flavor of an Italian double espresso
a gym to stay in shape
a private rooftop to meet
the convenience of a concierge and top tier security with the latest technology.

Working is not about time,
it’s about how you use it
this is a new corporate experience
the day starts better when you reach

Beyond nine to five.