TSG Realty, an affiliate of TSG, is a full-service Florida licensed real estate brokerage firm offering personalized services to clients looking for properties in South Florida.

TSG Realty operates four distinct, equally important divisions:

Acquisitions Division, based on a proprietary thorough and comprehensive analytical model, evaluates on a daily basis new offerings for sale throughout the state, and after application of TSG Investment Parameters, selects targeted properties where contracts are submitted.

Leasing Division lists all TSG properties for rent based on previously computed values and on proven financial models actively marketing these properties and collaborating with other area brokers.

Sales Division, solely, or in collaboration with nationally recognized and successful real estate companies, handles the national and international sales of TSG development properties, income producing properties (IPP) and non-portfolio properties.

TSG’s Retail Division with several very seasoned, experienced agents with vast international exposure, assists interested buyers and sellers of high end South Florida residential assets with the purchasing, leasing and sale of these properties.