Creating spaces for
the growth of our city

To balance the speed of the city with the value of quality time, we instill a hybrid of key elements such as nature, technology, walkability, pedestrian paseos, social and co-working hubs, locally inspired amenities, and art in every project we create.

TSG has collaborated with some of the best architecture and design talent to find the critical balance between form and function in all our spaces. It is only with the creation of distinctive buildings that we can satisfy the desires for the holistic living experiences of today’s population.

As a real estate developer, TSG is involved in the whole development process, including the land acquisition, project conceptualization putting the team in place (architect, engineers, general contractor, etc.), obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, financing of the deal, hiring the builder to actually construct the project, overseeing the construction progress and delivery of the final product.


We are passionate about living – from a morning run to trying a new recipe at home with friends – we want to be in the moment 24 hours a day. It is not about having more; it is about doing more. It is not about a building; it is about how the spaces around us can push our lives in the right direction.

A residential development is a long-term investment for any community. From the beginning of every project, our team works with the goal of the finished product in mind. We strive to merge the convenience of urban living with the atmosphere of a personal home in order to fit the higher expectations of today’s residents and contribute to the socio-cultural growth of Miami.

TSG has extensive development experience in the South Florida market. Our track record for residential development includes townhouse communities, condominiums, and multifamily buildings.

Miami’s strong foundation is rooted in constant population growth: the city is the fourth fastest-growing American city by population. Increased population and wealth have spurred momentum with more spending, job growth, a gradual diversification of the economy and a growing number of skilled, educated workers.

Since its conception by Henry Flagler, Julia Tuttle, and William and Mary Brickell in the late 19th century, Miami’s fate has inevitably and invariably been tied to transportation, connectivity and diversity. With these fundamentals as a global hub, it becomes imperative that our city offers intelligently designed spaces to create, manage and get inspired.

TSG’s track record in commercial real estate includes office buildings and hotels that have arrived in the market to meet the wonders of investors and entrepreneurs seeking business opportunities.

Envisioning what the
population wants next

Miami has evolved from being a tourist destination to become a leading international metropolis. Utilizing its extensive real estate market knowledge, TSG’s visionary leaders place a premium on understanding the special personality of the city and the essence of its various neighborhoods.

TSG’s land banking division acquires land in strategically located areas of Miami. These targeted areas feature great growth potential according to market trends and the city’s development.

Our strategy on land banking consists of acquiring, managing, maintaining, and repurposing empty lots. Through this practice of acquiring land and holding it for future use, the firm provides its investors with an opportunity to input their cash in a tangible, fixed asset with a long-term approach.